Recessed LED PANEL 600x600 — UPPOAVA, 36W, dimmable, high CRI97

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UPPOAVA -LED PANEL 600, 36W (3000 lumens) is very slim and aesthetically pleasing, fully dimmable and water resistant (IP54) multitasker with CRI over 95!

Recessed LED PANEL 600x600 — UPPOAVA, 36W, dimmable, high CRI97, 3000K   +€179.00

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UPPOAVA -LED PANEL 600 is very slim and aesthetically pleasing, fully dimmable and water resistant multitasker!

Fully recessed, perfectly dimming and with the latest led technics suits for even the most demanding of tastes. All lights used at homes should have CRI over 80, so that the light looks natural. Our LED PANELs all have CRI over 95! As a led circuit, we use Cree's SMD 2538 latest model with great heat conductivity. BEWARE OF BAD QUALITY COPIES!

Light emission for UPPOAVA LED PANEL 600 36W is over 3000s. That is equivalent to 250W halogen. With PANEL 600 you save up to 86% in electricity (comparend to incandecent). Also as the light life is over 50.000 hours, you'd need to change your incadecet bulb around 50 times!

UPPOAVA LED PANELs have a mattee opal acryl as a diffuser to make the light nice and soft. With this light, there are no wisible led dots, only even light. The body is also White which makes it to nicely blend in to White ceilings.

As it is perfectly dimmable between 10-100%, it makes you the master of moods. Dimming withä TRIAC dimmers from PRIMARY. Suitable dimmers in our shop: Schneiderin EXXACT ja ABB Jussi.

NOTE! New CRI95 model has a smooth frame and the old CRI85 model has a grooving on the frame.


Basic UPPOAVA LED PANEL 600 is a recessed light. Installation hole should be 580x580mm. Driver size is 195x45x33mm and it can be placed maximum of 5m from the light. The driver comes with every PANEL 600 light. LED PANEL is 13mm thick, so it fits to most of the ceiling structures (basic plaster board is similar in thickness). We recommend that you install a plaster board on top of the PANEL if the steam lock has been installed loosely. The LED PANEL needs 10-20mm air space on top of the light.You don't need any protection cups etc. when using led lights as the temperature of the light never exeeds 80 celsius.

If you need surface mounted light, you just order a frame with this light. The driver fits inside the frame. It's also possible to order the light as a suspended model with cable length of approx. 1,5m.

The reason we have desided to have the driver separatre from the body is that this way the driver does not add up to the lights heat load and this makes the light last longer. The driver is included and has a quick connector for easy installation.

UPPOAVA LED PANEL 600 can be used with house automatics (ie. KNX and Talomatti).

Surface mounting frame is available for this product. Frame is 50mm in height and fits the driver inside.

Why choose LED PANEL 600?

  • pleasant, even light
  • Perfectly recessed
  • Outstanding guarantee: 5 years for lights, 3 years for drivers
  • Dimmable
  • Energy efficient
  • Safe and durable (CE and RoHS certified)
  • Minimalsitic design lasts time
  • Can be used in almost all indoor and outdoor spaces (not in sauna)
  • Water resistant IP44


SKU Panel600
Color temperature (K) 3000, 4000
Color White
Voltage (V) 230
Guarantee (year) 5 years
Colour rendering (CRI ±3) 97
Malli LedPanel 600
Lumen 3000lm
Light angle 110
Säädettävyys No
Watt 36W
Käyttöikä 50000
Mitat 595x595mm, Installation cut out 580x580mm, lenght 22mm
Installation hole 583mm
Tuotteen halkaisija No
Tuotteen pituus 595
Tuotteen leveys 595
Tuotteen korkeus 22
Approved CE, RoHS, IP54
Energialuokka A++
Muuta Driver Included, dimmable. Recessed with springs. Surface frame and suspension cables can be ordered separately.
IP Class IP54
Chainable Yes
Mounting Method Recessed
Installation level N/A
Light Adjustment No
Color No


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