Lighting design

Lighting design

Saves time and money

When you build a house or renovate a part of it, the time always seems to ran out. Usually when you notice the need for lighting design it should already be ready. Our lighting design will be ready in 8 days from your order! No need to travel to meet the designer, everything can be discussed trough e-mail or phone. You just need to make sure to check your mails and calls regurarely during the week and the design will be ready in 8 days. You will only need to spend 1-3 hours of your time to this project! 

PANIC! Ready in 48 hours.

If you are really in a hurry, we offer to make the lighting design in 48 hours with an extra cost of 250€. We start doing the design immediately. If we miss the deadline by even one second, you won't be carged for the extra cost.

Too expensive?

Most people think ordering a lighting design is too fancy and let the electrician do it. Our lighting design is affordable luxury, only 350€ that you have a possibility get back as a gift card/refund. It will pay itself back in many ways as you save money, avoid mistakes and poor planning of your lighting. This will surely save you time.

FREE lighting design?

After you have gotten your lighting plans and order from us with over 1000€, you will get a 150€ discount. If you then send us nice pictures of your home all ready with our lights we will give you an additional 200€ refund. You can send your pictures here: 

Exaple of a floor plan with lights. 

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Technical information of lights will be available as well as an offer of lights. 

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