LED RGB strip set with transformer, profiles and VaLO control

Set includes 5m of RGB led strip, VaLO-series wireless button and receiver box, transformer 120W for the strip and 5m of surface mounted aluminium profile. Easy, complite set ready for installation!

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Set includes

Set includes 5m of RGB led strip, VaLO-series wireless button and receiver, transformer 120W for the strip and 5m of surface mounted aluminium profile. Easy, complete set ready for installation!

High quality 12V RGB led strip!

This led strip uses RGB circuit with the CRI around 83 with (white colour). The led strip is dimmable and waterproof with a surface that does not turn yellow. As a tape, it uses 3M tape that is extra durable and attatches the strip firmly. Led strip 14,4W/m is equivalent to 120cm fluorescent tube, so you'll even save energy!


The strip is controlled by a touch screen remote, where you can select one of the 28 programmes available. To product can be seen at our warehouse store. Our favorite program is 7 colour fade, where the light changes calmly from one colour to another.

This strip is mostly used in indirect lighting and for creating different moods. Perfect for spas, bars and terraces, also we have noticed that kids love this. RGB led strip has 14,4W/m and has 60 led circuits on a meter. This makes the light even, if installed in a way you cannot see the light source ie. indirect light. When installed on a profile, there are visible dots to be seen if looked straight to the light (not visible when installed next to a wall). And as the CRI is over 83, which is suitable to be used in homes.


LED strip comes in a 5m roll that can be cut to measure in every 5cm. We recommend that you solder the wanted lengths together as we have noticed that the fast clips tend to loosen after few years and then the light starts flickering. There are plugs soldered to both ends of the strip taht you can use, but it depends a lot of your desired use if you should use the or not. We will help you to figure out that. NOTE! When soldering, remember to heat the copper spots on the dtrip to make the tin stick.

All installations should be made on top of aluminium (included on the set), that way the excess heat gets conducted away from led circuit and makes it last longer.

LED strip works well with solar power and in boats and cars, as it is 12VDC you might not even need a driver!


LedStore's RGB led strip comes with VaLO-series wireless button and receiver -set. This is a perfect solution also in places where you have power for the strip but no wall switch ready. With this system, you just hook the wireless receiver between led strip and driver and have the wireless button were ever you like.

Create a light of your own

Why would you use led strip only in traditional way (cabinets, indirect light etc.) when you can make a light of almost anything. Old cart wheel, zink bucket or even a wooden boat turns in to a light when you put led strip inside it! Get creative!

Light colour temperature

RGB (red, green and blue) and neutral white colour (4000K).

Additional Information
Color temperature (K)4000
Volt (V)12
Guarantee (year)3 years
Colour rendering (CRI)85
Power (W)72
Life Time35000
Dimensions5m roll
ApprovedCE, RoHS, SELV
IP ClassIP55/65

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