LED sets

LED sets


In this category you can find led sets for decorational lighting as well as led strip sets that need no extra parts (ready to install sets). All products are dimmable.

Led spot sets include a driver that is the right size for that set. It depends on the amount of the spots, as 3-4 sets, 5-6 sets and 7-8 sets all have different size driver (althought from the outside, it looks the same). Do not leave any spots uninstalled as we have calclulated the driver power for your set. If you feel you have ordered the worng number of lights, give as a call and we will take care of that! There is about 1,4m cable from each spot to the driver.

Led strips offered here are all ready to install. You do not need to order other parts for the strips as they come as described and are fully functional. Here is a selection of led strips in different lengths and with different lighting power. All our lights are CE ja Rohs certified.

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