LED panels

LED panels


Our flat and sleek led panels fit to most structures. The light panel itself is only 13mm thick!

To keep the working temperature low and safe and to extend the lifetime of the led, the led circuits are installed straight to the body of the light. Led lights relieve the excess heath to the body and stay cool. All the lights come with a driver. To extend the lifetime of the led light and to keep the temperature low, the driver is not attached to the body.

Led panels can be installed in walls or ceilings. It is possible to either recess, suspend or surface mout these panels (except plafond 160 and panel 150x150 which are recessed only). Led panels are powerful i.e. PANEL 600x600 has 3000 lumen output. It is easy to create a ceiling window effect with the larger panel lights. Led panels can be used in hallway lighting, utilityrooms, work spaces, kitchens etc. why not even in bedrooms as all the panels are 230V dimmable. All models are 230V dimmable.

Led panels come in 3000K (warm white) and 4000K (neutral white) light colour. If you order big quantities, we can make you other light colours as well. 

All our led lights are CE and Rohs certified.

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