LED outdoor lights

LED outdoor lights

LED outdoor lights

Led lights are perfect for outdoor lighting, especially in colder parts of the world, like Finland, as leds last longer and shine brighter in cold weather. We have the best outdoor led lights when it comes to quality-price ratio, or at least we think so. Our outdoor collection includes led spot lights, led panels, led flood lights as well as outdoor wall lights, led strips for outdoors, water resistant drivers and led pillars. We also have recessed outdoor led lights for ceilings, walls and for outdoor terraces, patios and pathways. Our lights are safe to use and all CE and RoHS certified.

LED lights for outdoor terraces patios and walkways

Recessed led walk over lights are perfect for terraces, patios and pathways. Our lights on the led terrace set will not blind you as the light comes from the sides while the top is covered. This way the light also creates a nice pattern on the decking or the path. You can also use recessed led wall lights to light walkways that are edged with walls. Outdoor led strips can also help to create a nice athmosphere on your garden and can be installed almost anywhere; to light the canopies, ceiling beams of conservatores or hand rails of an outdoor stairs. You can even light fountains with led strip! We also have water resistant drivers to use for outdoor led strips.

LED lights for sheds, garages and carports

What led lights to select to a garage or carport? We would recommend our led panels and plafonds that are suitable for outdoor use as well as led tube lights with a water resistant body. Led panels and plafonds have an even and bright light and can be found in recessed as well as in surface mounted versions (not all but majority). Led tube lights are perfect for you who uses their garage also as a workshop. With tube lights you get a bright light with a low cost! You can also ask your electrician to hook the lights (garages and carports) to a motion swich that is activated only when it is dark enought, to add some comfort to your lighting. Then the lights will only turn on when you use your garage/carport and need the light.

Outdoor LED floodlights and spot lights for lighting trees, garden features and facades

A fairly new trend is to light trees, big rocks or statues in gardens. There are few different ways of doing so:

  • We recommend you to use an outdoor led floodlight for leafy trees, so that you will get enought brightness but won't be using that much energy and get a fearly wide beam.
  • For tall structures like statues or pine trees we would use ground recessed led outdoor spot light with a tiltable beam.
  • For facade lighting you can use outdoor spot lights recessed on the ceiling or on the ground, but also indirect wall lights work as well. As do led strips installed on the eaves of the house!
  • For lighting flowerbeds we recommend you to use led pillars or if the arraingement also has small evergreen trees, the recessed led spot (ground) works well too.

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