LED bathroom lights

LED bathroom lights


In this category you can find lights from wall lights to recessed lights that all are water resistant.

To keep the working temperature low and safe and to extend the lifetime of the led, the led circuits are installed straight to the body of the light. Led lights relieve the excess heath to the body and stay cool. All the lights come with a driver. To extend the lifetime of the led light and to keep the temperature low, the driver is not attached to the body. It is safe to installthese lights on wood or plaster also. Driver fits in from the installation hole of the light in all, except 097 and 102 led spot sets. Wall lights have the driver installed inside the light.

We use Cree's newest led circuits and newest SMD technique (LED PANELS and led PLAFOND). Our special product is PLAFOND and PANEL lights that are only 13mm thick and are perfect for basements and bathroom renovations.

All our lights are CE and Rohs certified and IP44 minimum. We give 5 year guarantee for our downlights.

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