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Dimming LedStoren lights

LedStore's LED lights are mostly dimmable. LED cirquits usually do not turn complitely off when dimmed, so the dimming mostly works between 10%-100%. The dimming can be done either from pirmary (230V, traditional rotatable dimmer) side or from secondary side (12V and 24V, usually wireless dimmers). Our wall lights are not dimmable.

Dimming from primary side (230V)

LED spots and spot sets as well as (UPPOAVA) panels are dimmed from primary side, with regular dimmers sold in hardwarestores (230V, traditional rotatable dimmer). When planning the dimming, it is recommended you check the models that best work with the type of lights you are using (see listing).  LED strips can be dimmed from primary side if you chose a driver that is dimmable. For exaple triac drivers work with most rotary dimmers. We also have 1-10V drivers for both, led strips as well as for downlights (spots and panels), but most of them are on special order.

At the moment we recommend these dimmers for our led spots and panels: 

  • ABB JUSSI (6523U), LED dimmer (max. 75W)
  • SCHNEIDER ARTIC tai EXXACT 315 transistor dimmer (max. 300W)

Most of the dimmer have a adjustment screw under the cover, for dimming levels that you should turn to minimum setting (recommended with leds). Even if the working range is marked to start from 40W, both of the dimmers above work with 18W load (ie. 2x9W spots). There are lots of other models that work with our leds, but we have just listed the ones we have tested ourselves. Some dimmers might only dim the lights to 50%, no lower, which is why you should test the dimmer before complite installation.

Our VaLO -series also has a wireless dimmer and it's receiver is installed on primary side (installed between 230V and the driver) and used for wireless dimming of led spots or panels mostly. With this wireless dimmer, it is possible to dim the led so low that it is almost turned off (of course there is also the option to turn on/off). Wireless dimmers are perfect if you are for example renovating an old kitchen where there has previously been a fluoroscent tube with on/off swich. When you take away thet fluoroscent you are only left with 230V but no way to turn it on/off. With the wireless dimmer system you do not need to re-new cabling of the room as you can turn on/off (and dim) the light with the wireless dimmer. The swich can be clued or screwd to the wall.

Dimming from secondary side (12V tai 24V)

Secondary side dimming is mostly used with led strips. The receiver is installed between the led strip and the driver. The driver does not need to be dimmable itself as the dimming happens after the driver, before the led strip. VaLO -series has two different receivers and three different dimmer swiches for this purpose as well as WiFi box if you do not want to use swiches but rather use your phone or tablet. 

We also have a touch dimmer for led strips that is installed between the strip and the driver. When dimming from the secondary side, after the driver, the driver does not need to be dimmable.

Dimming led bubs (excluding led tubes)

Most of our led bulbs are dimmable, but the diming depends on the used dimmers and with MR16 (GU5.3) bulbs also on the driver used. on our list you can find dimmers that work. Some dimmers (and drivers) need 36W minimum load to work properly. With smaller loads you might have problems like buzzing sound (from dimmer, driver or lights), jumps on lighting level etc. Wireless dimmers tend to work best. If you know of a primary dimmer that works well with small loads and want us to test it, let us know!


Tested dimmers:

  Bulb, tested with 36W Panel Spot
Incandecent dimmer 10-100% 1-100%, dimmer buzzes 1-100%, dimmer buzzes
315 RC (transistor) 10-100% 20-100% 30-100%
420 RCL 10-100% 10-100% 10-100%
420 Universal 10-100% 10-100%, panel driver buzzes 10-100%
600 RCRL 10-100% 10-100% 10-100%
2210U NO NO NO
2247U 20-100% NO 10-100%
2250U NO 30-100% low buzzing 30-100%
6513U 20-100% 20-100% 30-100%
6523U/LED dimmer NO 10-100% 10-100%
6591U NO NO NO
  Bulb, tested with 6W Panel Spot
LED Store:      
Wireless dimmer 10-100% 10-100% 10-100%